The Globe //

an educational project for our complex world

This educational project is inspired by Eratosthenes, mathematician at the ancient Library Of Alexandria. He is commonly called the "father of geography" for he was the first to use the word geography.

The other nickname he was given was "the pentathlete". The meaning is similar to Beta, in that a pentathlete has to be very good at five different sports, but will probably not be a champion in any of the individual sports.

Eratosthenes called himself "philologos" - "lover of learning".

This educational project is dedicated to lovers of life-long learning.

In our multicomplex high-tech world this interactive globe, will bridge 360video from NASA, with local stories from different communities.

The beta version of this Globe - Project 4pier2 - will be launched in the city Of Molde, 17. January 2017, and will be exhibited during The Climate Festival ยง 112.

For more information: The Globe - global education in a complex world